Human-Centred Computing

22 Apr 2014 – ABC Radio National Life Matters with Natasha Mitchell: Why the face? An Interview about Human-Centred Computing [LINK][PDF][MP3]

Depression Analysis project

(with Gordon Parker, Black Dog Institute, Michael Breakspear, QIMR Berghofer, and Julien Epps, UNSW)

9 Jan 2019 – UC Monitor Online: UC research will teach computers to better understand human moods [LINK]

6 Oct 2015 – ABC TV Catalyst: Diagnosing Depression [LINK]

21 April 2015 – UC YouTube Channel

27 Feb 2013 – Canberra Times: When the black dog is staring you in the face [LINK]

27 Feb 2013 – The Age: Facing up to depression over the phone [LINK]

27 Feb 2013 – The Sydney Morning Herald: Facing up to depression over the phone [LINK]

7 Nov 2012 – UC Monitor Online: UC funded to study poets, depression and ageing [LINK]

5 Nov 2012 – UC Media Release: UC receives more than $767,000 to research depression, poetry and the fourth age [LINK]

22 August 2012 – Nice article by interviewing our collaborator Prof. Michael Breakspear (QIMR) on the merits of using automated facial expression analysis for developing better ways of diagnosing and monitoring mental health illnesses, such as depression for example. The facial expression analysis work is carried out by us here in Canberra.

1 April 2012 – Australasian Science Magazine: A short article about our research on facial expression analysis for depression diagnosis and monitoring. [PDF]

Humans and Robots, Humanoid Robots

18 May 2018 – UC Monitor Online: Project tests robots’ readiness for regional Australia [LINK]

Ardie and Adam Shirley ABC 666 Drive8 Aug 2014 – Canberra Times: Ardie programmed to charm [PDF]

21 Mar 2014 – ABC 666: Ardie schools 666 Canberra’s Adam Shirley on robot etiquette [LINK][MP3]

19 Mar 2013 – Canberra CityNews: What happens when robots go to school [LINK][PDF]

28 Nov 2013 – WIN TV News: Ardie at Torrens Primary School

Oct 2013 – UC Monitor: Learning with robots [PDF]

28 Oct 2013 – UC Monitor: UC robot goes to school [LINK]

AusTalk – The Big Australian Speech Corpus

UC YouTube Channel video

31 August 2011 – Canberra Times: An article on the AusTalk database collection at UC and partner universities. [PDF]

31 August 2011 – ABC 666 and 2CC local radio: Various interviews on the AusTalk database collection. (Summary media report [PDF])