I am Professor of Affective Computing at the Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Canberra (UC). I also lead the Human-Centred Technology Research Centre at UC.

Research Interests

My research interests can largely be summarised as being in vision for HCI and related signal processing areas:

  • Affective Sensing / Computing
    • Affective state recognition using video (visible range, infrared), audio, and physiological measures (temperature, skin conductivity, ECG)
    • Bloodflow estimation
  • Computer Vision:
    • Object tracking, in particular applied to other vehicle tracking from within a (moving) car
    • Active Appearance Models
    • Face and facial feature tracking
    • Gesture recognition (Face, body, hand)
    • Thermal (far-infrared) imaging for health care applications
    • Background subtraction, novelty detection
    • Driver assistance technology, e.g. scene analysis for threat assessment (traffic crossing the car’s path)
    • Pedestrian detection and tracking for surveillance systems
  • Pattern Recognition / Machine Learning
    • Data analytics
    • Learning of models from sample data, e.g. for face recognition, emotion recognition
    • Unusual event detection
  • Multimodal human-computer interaction (HCI)
    • Audio-Video Speech Processing (AVSP) for automatic speech recognition
  • Image Processing
    • Image completion, image inpainting
  • Multimodal Signal Processing, in particular aspects of integrating multiple signals (aka fusion, integration)


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Previous Work

Projects at Seeing Machines

From April 2007 until June 2008, I was with Seeing Machines as a Senior Research Scientist. I mostly worked on the research and development of the faceAPI markerless face tracking system.

Projects at NICTA

From May 2004 until March 2007, I was a Researcher at the Vision Science, Technology and Applications (VISTA) program of National ICT Australia (NICTA).

  • Smart Cars
    Driver assistance systems based on video input and computer vision algorithms
  • Spectral Imaging and Source Mapping (SISM)
    Computer vision beyond the visible spectrum (near and far infrared, UV)

Projects at the Fraunhofer IGD

From August 2002 until April 2004, I was a research fellow at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD-R) in Rostock, Germany. My research was concerned with image processing / image analysis of historic music scores as well as computer vision, in particular face and facial feature tracking, for the purpose of affective state (“emotion”) recognition.

  • eNoteHistory
    Image processing / image analysis of historic music scores
    Project homepage: eNoteHistory homepage
  • face:)me
    Face detection, face and facial feature tracking as input for a multimodal affective state (“emotion”) sensing system
    Project homepage: face:)me homepage

PhD Project

From August 1998 till July 2002, I worked on my PhD at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. The research was in the area of Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP). My supervisors were Dr Bruce Millar, Professor Alex Zelinsky, and Dr Jordi Robert-Ribes. A real-time stereo vision lip tracking algorithm was developed and statistical analyses of the relationship between audio and video speech parameters performed. Another result of the PhD research was the creation of AVOZES , the Audio-Video Australian English Speech data corpus, which is available to interested researchers.

For some more information on my PhD project click here.