09/09/2011 #uow_seminar Gave a seminar at the School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, University of Wollongong on "What the Face Reveals: Using Facial Expression and Motion Analysis for Measuring Affect in Major Depression". A big thank you to Prof Salim Bouzerdoum for hosting me!

02/09/2011 #tvcg Paper accepted to IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics: Facial Performance Transfer via Deformable Models and Parametric Correspondence [PDF]

29/08/2011 #austalk UC / ANU Media release for the AusTalk national audio-video speech dataset [PDF, Link] –  Interview with 2CA 30/08/2011 – Interview with ABC 666 31/08/2011 – UC YouTube Video

22/08/2011 #ands UC's ANDS project for Seeding the Commons has started after being awarded $75k for 12 months

20/07/2011 #uc_ecr_grant #depression Awarded UC DVC-R ECR grant ($20k), July 2011 – June 2012, Project: From Lab to Practice – Developing Robust Affective Sensing Technology for the Diagnosis of Depression

09/06/2011 #interspeech2011 Two papers got accepted to Interspeech 2011

21-25/03/2011 #fg2011 Great Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition conference FG2011 in Santa Barbara! We presented two papers on our facial expression recognition work.

13/03/2011 #pattern_recognition Journal paper in Pattern Recognition accepted, Title: Regression based automatic face annotation for deformable model building

07/03/2011 #ibrahim New PhD student Ibrahim Radwan has started. Welcome aboard!

5/12/2010 #tah-10 Gave a talk at the Thinking AHead 2010 workshop on "A Virtual Mirror for Animating Avatars", Slides [PDF]

22/11/2010 #iconip2010 Presented a paper on automatically building image albums of face images based on similarity of the facial expressions (across different people!), not based on how similar the faces are. Title: "Facial Expression Based Automatic Album Creation", Slides [PDF], Paper [PDF]

25/10/2010 #arc_dp_grant Successful ARC Discovery Project grant application ($240k over 3 years) with Prof Tom Gedeon and Dr Sumudu Mendis from the ANU, Jan 2011 – Dec 2013, Project: Extending Fuzzy Logic (with applications to face and facial expression recognition)

19/10/2010 #uc_vc_dinner Back from the UC VC's dinner for top teaching and research staff held at the new Ann Harding Conference Centre in the NATSEM building.

17/09/2010 #ise_research_seminar I will give a seminar at the UC Faculty of ISE on Friday, 17 Sep 2010, title: What the Face Reveals: using facial expression & motion analysis for measuring affect in major depression". This talk will give an overview of a recently completed pilot study with the Black Dog Institute in Sydney. Slides [PDF], UStreamTV video (completely experimental; apologies for missing audio)

21-28/08/2010 #icpr2010 Gave two presentations at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2010) in Istanbul, Turkey

11/08/2010 #uc_research_fellowship #depression Awarded UC DVC-R Research Fellowship ($18.9k), Aug 2010 – Jul 2011, Project: Affective Sensing Technology for the Quantitative Assessment of Major Depression and Melancholia

28/07/2010 #depression Back from a quick trip to Sydney for a project meeting with the Black Dog Institute. Looking at starting fMRI recordings in August. Exciting!

23/07/2010 #depression Gave a talk at the UWS Medical School in Campbelltown today on "What the Face Reveals: using facial expression & motion analysis for measuring affect in major depression". Thanks to Prof Vaughan Macefield for hosting me!

03/06/2010 #uc_ise_research #markerless_tracking Received a small internal Faculty research support grant ($6k) together with Dr Girija Chetty, Project: Extending Markerless Visual Face Tracking to Body Tracking